unyt.unit_symbols module

Predefined useful aliases to physical units

Note that all of these names can be imported from the top-level unyt namespace. For example:

>>> from unyt import cm, g, s
>>> data = [3, 4, 5]*g*cm/s
>>> print(data)
[3 4 5] cm*g/s
Unit Name Dimensions MKS value CGS Value LaTeX Representation SI Prefixable? Alternate Names
m length 1.0 m 100.0 cm \rm{m} True meter, Meter, metre, Metre
g mass 0.001 kg 1.0 g \rm{g} True gram, Gram, gramme, Gramme
s time 1.0 s 1.0 s \rm{s} True second, Second
K temperature 1.0 K 1.0 K \rm{K} True degree_kelvin, Degree_Kelvin, kelvin, Kelvin
rad angle 1.0 rad 1.0 rad \rm{rad} True radian, Radian
A current_mks 1 A 2.9979e+09 statA \rm{A} True ampere, Ampere, amp, Amp
cd luminous_intensity 1.0 cd 1.0 cd \rm{cd} True candela, Candela
mol dimensionless 6.0221e+23 dimensionless 6.0221e+23 dimensionless \rm{mol} True mole, Mole
dyn force 1.0000e-05 N 1.0 dyn \rm{dyn} True dyne, Dyne
erg energy 1.0000e-07 J 1.0 erg \rm{erg} True ergs, Ergs
Ba pressure 0.1 Pa 1.0 dyn/cm**2 \rm{Ba} True barye, Barye
G magnetic_field_cgs 0.0001 T 1 G \rm{G} True gauss, Gauss
statC magnetic_flux_cgs 3.3356e-10 C 1 statC \rm{statC} True statcoulomb, Statcoulomb, esu, ESU, electrostatic_unit, Electrostatic_Unit
statA current_cgs 3.3356e-10 A 1 statA \rm{statA} True statampere, Statampere
statV electric_potential_cgs 3.3356e-03 V 3.3356e-03 V \rm{statV} True statvolt, Statvolt
statohm v 8.9876e+11 Ω 8.9876e+11 Ω \rm{statohm} True  
Mx magnetic_flux_cgs 3.1623e-05 sqrt(kg)*m**(3/2)/s 1.0 statC \rm{Mx} True maxwell, Maxwell
J energy 1.0 J 1.0000e+07 erg \rm{J} True joule, Joule
W power 1.0 W 1.0000e+07 erg/s \rm{W} True watt, Watt
Hz 1/(time) 1.0 Hz 1.0 1/s \rm{Hz} True hertz, Hertz
N force 1.0 N 1.0000e+05 dyn \rm{N} True newton, Newton
C charge_mks 1 C 2.9979e+09 statC \rm{C} True coulomb, Coulomb
T magnetic_field_mks 1 T 10000.0 G \rm{T} True tesla, Tesla
Pa pressure 1.0 Pa 10.0 dyn/cm**2 \rm{Pa} True pascal, Pascal
bar pressure 1.0000e+05 Pa 1.0000e+06 dyn/cm**2 \rm{bar} True  
V electric_potential_mks 1 V 2.9979e+02 statV \rm{V} True volt, Volt
F capacitance_mks 1.0 F N/A \rm{F} True farad, Farad
H inductance_mks 1.0 H N/A \rm{H} True henry, Henry
Ω k 1 Ω 1.1127e-12 statohm \Omega True ohm, Ohm
Wb magnetic_flux_mks 1.0 Wb N/A \rm{Wb} True weber, Weber
lm luminous_flux 1.0 lm 1.0 cd*rad**2 \rm{lm} True lumen, Lumen
lx (angle)**2*(luminous_intensity)/(length)**2 1.0 cd*rad**2/m**2 0.0001 cd*rad**2/cm**2 \rm{lx} True lux
degC temperature 274.15 K 274.15 K ^\circ\rm{C} True degree_celsius, Degree_Celsius, degree_Celsius, celcius, Celcius, celsius, Celsius, °C
delta_degC temperature 1.0 K 1.0 K \Delta^\circ\rm{C} True  
L (length)**3 0.001 m**3 1.0000e+03 cm**3 \rm{L} True liter, Liter, litre, Litre, l
ha (length)**2 10000.0 m**2 1.0000e+08 cm**2 \rm{ha} False hectare, Hectare
t mass 1000.0 kg 1.0000e+06 g \rm{t} False tonne, Tonne, metric_ton, Metric_Ton
mil length 2.5400e-05 m 0.00254 cm \rm{mil} False thou, Thou, thousandth, Thousandth
inch length 0.0254 m 2.54 cm \rm{in} False Inch, in
ft length 0.3048 m 30.48 cm \rm{ft} False foot, Foot
yd length 0.9144 m 91.44 cm \rm{yd} False yard, Yard
mile length 1609.344 m 1.6093e+05 cm \rm{mile} False Mile
nmi length 1.8520e+03 m 1.8520e+05 cm \rm{nmi} False nautical_mile, Nautical_Mile
mph velocity 0.44704 m/s 44.704 cm/s \rm{mph} False  
kt velocity 5.1445e-01 m/s 5.1445e+01 cm/s \rm{kt} False knot, Knot
acre (length)**2 4.0469e+03 m**2 4.0469e+07 cm**2 \rm{acre} False Acre
furlong length 201.168 m 2.0117e+04 cm \rm{fur} False Furlong, fur
degF temperature 2.5593e+02 K 2.5593e+02 K ^\circ\rm{F} False Degf, degree_fahrenheit, Degree_Fahrenheit, degree_Fahrenheit, fahrenheit, Fahrenheit, °F
delta_degF temperature 5.5556e-01 K 5.5556e-01 K \Delta^\circ\rm{F} False Delta_Degf
R temperature 5.5556e-01 K 5.5556e-01 K ^\circ\rm{R} False degree_rankine, Degree_Rankine, rankine, Rankine
lbf force 4.4482e+00 N 4.4482e+05 dyn \rm{lbf} False pound_force, Pound_Force
kip force 4.4482e+03 N 4.4482e+08 dyn \rm{kip} False kilopound, Kilopound, kipf, Kipf
lb mass 4.5359e-01 kg 4.5359e+02 g \rm{lb} False pound, Pound, pound_mass, Pound_Mass, lbm
atm pressure 1.0132e+05 Pa 1.0132e+06 dyn/cm**2 \rm{atm} False atmosphere, Atmosphere
hp power 7.4570e+02 W 7.4570e+09 erg/s \rm{hp} False horsepower, Horsepower
oz mass 2.8350e-02 kg 2.8350e+01 g \rm{oz} False ounce, Ounce
ton mass 9.0718e+02 kg 9.0718e+05 g \rm{US ton} False ton_US, ton_US_short, short_ton, Short_Ton
ton_UK mass 1.0160e+03 kg 1.0160e+06 g \rm{UK ton} False ton_US_long, long_ton, Long_Ton
slug mass 1.4594e+01 kg 1.4594e+04 g \rm{slug} False Slug
fl_oz_US (length)**3 2.9574e-05 m**3 2.9574e+01 cm**3 \rm{US fl oz} False fluid_ounce_US
fl_oz_UK (length)**3 2.8413e-05 m**3 2.8413e+01 cm**3 \rm{UK fl oz} False fluid_ounce_UK
pt_US (length)**3 4.7318e-04 m**3 4.7318e+02 cm**3 \rm{US pt} False pint_US
pt_UK (length)**3 5.6826e-04 m**3 5.6826e+02 cm**3 \rm{UK pt} False pint_UK
qt_US (length)**3 9.4635e-04 m**3 9.4635e+02 cm**3 \rm{US qt} False quart_US
qt_UK (length)**3 1.1365e-03 m**3 1.1365e+03 cm**3 \rm{UK qt} False quart_UK
gal_US (length)**3 3.7854e-03 m**3 3.7854e+03 cm**3 \rm{US gal} False gallon_US
gal_UK (length)**3 4.5461e-03 m**3 4.5461e+03 cm**3 \rm{UK gal} False gallon_UK
cal energy 4.184 J 4.1840e+07 erg \rm{cal} True calorie, Calorie
BTU energy 1.0551e+03 J 1.0551e+10 erg \rm{BTU} False british_thermal_unit, British_Thermal_Unit, btu
MMBTU energy 1.0551e+09 J 1.0551e+16 erg \rm{MMBTU} False Mmbtu, mmbtu
therm energy 1.0551e+08 J 1.0551e+15 erg \rm{therm} False Therm, therms, Therms
quad energy 1.0551e+18 J 1.0551e+25 erg \rm{quad} False Quad, quads, Quads
Wh energy 3600.0 J 3.6000e+10 erg \rm{Wh} True watt_hour, Watt_Hour, watt_hours, Watt_Hours
pli specific_flux 1.7513e+02 kg/s**2 1.7513e+05 g/s**2 \rm{pli} False pounds_per_inch, Pounds_Per_Inch
plf specific_flux 1.4594e+01 kg/s**2 1.4594e+04 g/s**2 \rm{plf} False pounds_per_ft, Pounds_Per_Ft
psi pressure 6.8948e+03 Pa 6.8948e+04 dyn/cm**2 \rm{psi} False pounds_per_square_inch, Pounds_Per_Square_Inch
psf pressure 4.7880e+01 Pa 4.7880e+02 dyn/cm**2 \rm{psf} False pounds_per_square_ft, Pounds_Per_Square_Ft
kli specific_flux 1.7513e+05 kg/s**2 1.7513e+08 g/s**2 \rm{kli} False kips_per_inch, Kips_Per_Inch
klf specific_flux 1.4594e+04 kg/s**2 1.4594e+07 g/s**2 \rm{klf} False kips_per_ft, Kips_Per_Ft
ksi pressure 6.8948e+06 Pa 6.8948e+07 dyn/cm**2 \rm{ksi} False kips_per_square_inch, Kips_Per_Square_Inch
ksf pressure 4.7880e+04 Pa 4.7880e+05 dyn/cm**2 \rm{ksf} False kips_per_square_ft, Kips_Per_Square_Ft
smoot length 1.7018 m 170.18 cm \rm{smoot} False Smoot
dimensionless dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless   False Dimensionless, _,
% dimensionless 0.01 dimensionless 0.01 dimensionless \% False percent, Percent
min time 60.0 s 60.0 s \rm{min} False minute, Minute
hr time 3600.0 s 3600.0 s \rm{hr} False hour, Hour
day time 8.6400e+04 s 8.6400e+04 s \rm{d} False d
week time 6.0480e+05 s 6.0480e+05 s \rm{week} False Week
fortnight time 1.2096e+06 s 1.2096e+06 s \rm{fortnight} False Fortnight
yr time 3.1558e+07 s 3.1558e+07 s \rm{yr} True year, Year
c velocity 2.9979e+08 m/s 2.9979e+10 cm/s \rm{c} False  
Msun mass 1.9884e+30 kg 1.9884e+33 g \rm{M}_\odot False msun, m_sun, M_Sun, M_sun, m_Sun, solar_mass, Solar_Mass, solMass, mass_sun, Mass_Sun
Rsun length 6.9550e+08 m 6.9550e+10 cm \rm{R}_\odot False rsun, r_sun, R_Sun, R_sun, r_Sun, solar_radius, Solar_Radius, solRadius
Lsun power 3.8270e+26 W 3.8270e+33 erg/s \rm{L}_\odot False lsun, l_sun, L_Sun, L_sun, l_Sun, solar_luminosity, Solar_Luminosity, solLuminosity
Tsun temperature 5870.0 K 5870.0 K \rm{T}_\odot False t_sun, T_Sun, tsun, T_sun, t_Sun, solar_temperature, Solar_Temperature, solTemperature
Zsun dimensionless 0.01295 dimensionless 0.01295 dimensionless \rm{Z}_\odot False z_sun, Z_Sun, zsun, Z_sun, z_Sun, solar_metallicity, Solar_Metallicity, solMetallicity
Zsun_angr dimensionless 0.01937 dimensionless 0.01937 dimensionless \rm{Z}_\odot False Zsun_Angr
Zsun_aspl dimensionless 0.01337 dimensionless 0.01337 dimensionless \rm{Z}_\odot False Zsun_Aspl
Zsun_feld dimensionless 0.01909 dimensionless 0.01909 dimensionless \rm{Z}_\odot False Zsun_Feld
Zsun_lodd dimensionless 0.01321 dimensionless 0.01321 dimensionless \rm{Z}_\odot False Zsun_Lodd
Mjup mass 1.8985e+27 kg 1.8985e+30 g \rm{M}_{\rm{Jup}} False m_jup, M_Jup, jupiter_mass, Jupiter_Mass
Mearth mass 6.0456e+24 kg 6.0456e+27 g \rm{M}_\oplus False m_earth, M_Earth, earth_mass, Earth_Mass
Rjup length 6.9911e+07 m 6.9911e+09 cm \rm{R}_\mathrm{Jup} False r_jup, R_Jup, jupiter_radius, Jupiter_Radius
Rearth length 6.3710e+06 m 6.3710e+08 cm \rm{R}_\oplus False r_earth, R_Earth, earth_radius, Earth_Radius
AU length 1.4960e+11 m 1.4960e+13 cm \rm{AU} False au, astronomical_unit, Astronomical_Unit
ly length 9.4605e+15 m 9.4605e+17 cm \rm{ly} False light_year, Light_Year
pc length 3.0857e+16 m 3.0857e+18 cm \rm{pc} True parsec, Parsec
degree angle 1.7453e-02 rad 1.7453e-02 rad ^\circ False Degree, deg
arcmin angle 2.9089e-04 rad 2.9089e-04 rad \rm{arcmin} False Arcmin, arcminute, Arcminute
arcsec angle 4.8481e-06 rad 4.8481e-06 rad \rm{arcsec} False Arcsec, arcsecond, Arcsecond
mas angle 4.8481e-09 rad 4.8481e-09 rad \rm{mas} False milliarcsecond, Milliarcsecond
hourangle angle 2.6180e-01 rad 2.6180e-01 rad \rm{HA} False Hourangle, HA
sr (angle)**2 1.0 rad**2 1.0 rad**2 \rm{sr} False steradian, Steradian
lat angle 1.5533e+00 rad 1.5533e+00 rad \rm{Latitude} False latitude, Latitude, degree_latitude, Degree_Latitude
lon angle 3.1590e+00 rad 3.1590e+00 rad \rm{Longitude} False longitude, Longitude, degree_longitude, Degree_Longitude
rpm angular_frequency 1.0472e-01 rad/s 1.0472e-01 rad/s \rm{RPM} False  
rev angle 6.2832e+00 rad 6.2832e+00 rad \rm{rev} False revolution, Revolution
eV energy 1.6022e-19 J 1.6022e-12 erg \rm{eV} True electronvolt, Electronvolt
amu mass 1.6605e-27 kg 1.6605e-24 g \rm{amu} False atomic_mass_unit, Atomic_Mass_Unit
Å length 1.0000e-10 m 1.0000e-08 cm \AA False angstrom, Angstrom
Jy specific_flux 1.0000e-26 kg/s**2 1.0000e-23 g/s**2 \rm{Jy} True jansky, Jansky
counts dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless \rm{counts} False Counts, count, Count
photons dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless 1.0 dimensionless \rm{photons} False Photons, photon, Photon
me mass 9.1094e-31 kg 9.1094e-28 g m_e False electron_mass, Electron_Mass
mp mass 1.6737e-27 kg 1.6737e-24 g m_p False proton_mass, Proton_Mass
Sv specific_energy 1.0 J/kg 10000.0 erg/g \rm{Sv} True sievert, Sievert
Ry energy 2.1799e-18 J 2.1799e-11 erg \rm{Ry} False  
rayleigh count_intensity 7.9577e+08 1/(m**2*rad**2*s) 7.9577e+04 1/(cm**2*rad**2*s) \rm{R} False Rayleigh
lambert luminance 3.1831e+03 cd/m**2 3.1831e-01 cd/cm**2 \rm{L} False Lambert
nt luminance 1.0 cd/m**2 0.0001 cd/cm**2 \rm{nt} False nit
m_pl mass 2.1765e-08 kg 2.1765e-05 g m_{\rm{P}} False planck_mass, Planck_Mass
l_pl length 1.6162e-35 m 1.6162e-33 cm \ell_{\rm{P}} False planck_length, Planck_Length
t_pl time 5.3912e-44 s 5.3912e-44 s t_{\rm{P}} False planck_time, Planck_Time
T_pl temperature 1.4168e+32 K 1.4168e+32 K T_{\rm{P}} False planck_temperature, Planck_Temperature
q_pl charge_mks 1.8755e-18 C N/A q_{\rm{P}} False planck_charge, Planck_Charge
E_pl energy 1.9561e+09 J 1.9561e+16 erg E_{\rm{P}} False planck_energy, Planck_Energy
m_geom mass 1.9884e+30 kg 1.9884e+33 g \rm{M}_\odot False  
l_geom length 1.4766e+03 m 1.4766e+05 cm \rm{M}_\odot False  
t_geom time 4.9253e-06 s 4.9253e-06 s \rm{M}_\odot False  
B logarithmic 1.1513e+00 Np 1.1513e+00 Np \rm{B} True bel
Np logarithmic 1.0 Np 1.0 Np \rm{Np} True neper, Neper